4 Seriously Easy Ways To Save More Money in 2016

Save Money 2016

Saving money does not come naturally to a lot of people. Believe me when I say it did not come naturally to me! But if you are like me and have decided you’ve had enough, and you want to make money and also retain it, then you simply must save. This is one thing that rich people understand that others do not:

You Must Spend Less Than You Earn

However, saving is easier said than done because we all get tempted! We’re tempted to buy lunch at work instead of bringing a packed lunch from home. We’re tempted to buy a pair of cute boots from Zara (or Stuart Weitzman if you’re really about that life).

In January 2016, I saved $300 more than I originally planned. This was surprisingly easy to achieve. Here are 4 practical (read, super easy) tips that will help you save more money this year:

1.Have a goal

If you define what it is you are saving for you will be more likely to be disciplined and actually save. My goal is to have $3,000 saved for my birthday trip with friends this summer! So anytime I’m tempted to buy yet another pair of stilettos I can barely walk in, I think about the beautiful beaches in Thailand, say “get behind me Satan”, and walk right out of the store (or close the browser tab).

2.Don’t be tempted by convenience; plan ahead

We all get lazy: lazy to cook lunch, lazy to do laundry, lazy to take the bus, lazy to pay our bills on time. Well, this only costs you money that you can be better of saving. So why not plan ahead and pack your lunch so you don’t have to spend $11 everyday, and pay your bills on time (especially credit card bills) so you don’t pay 18% in interest charges?

3.Clear your cookies!

No, not that kind of cookie – computer cookies. Simply put, cookies are files stored on computers, designed to hold data specific about people – their personal information and browser history- allowing the server to tailor a page to you. So pretty much the evil twin brother of the delectable cookies you have with milk.

So if you keep on wondering how the pair of boots you’ve been lusting about always magically shows up on each website you visit, it’s because of the cookies! These companies are getting smarter at taking your $$$! Clear your cookies, not just to save money by preventing impulse buys, but also to protect your privacy.

4.Milk the freebies

Don’t pay for something unless you HAVE to. This applies to pretty much anything. Don’t pay $15 (or $25 if you work downtown, like I do) for parking everyday when you can park at a mall for free. Don’t buy coffee if your office has good coffee for free. This also applies to dates, although you want to make an impression on a girl you just met, you don’t have to spend top dollar for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Milk the free entertainment around you! Free concerts, drive in movies, a walk in the park etc. From a girl’s perspective, the most romantic date I went on was actually an evening/sunset picnic in a park 🙂

What are your effective money saving tips?

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Chinazom Chidolue is a personal finance blogger and an accountant. Growing up in a household with entrepreneurial parents, she developed a keen interest in business and finances. Chinazom combined her background in accounting and her passion for financial literacy and founded Investment Conversations: a personal finance blog which was created to help millennials take control of their personal finances by breaking down complex money topics into easily understandable and fun concepts.


  • WILT: It’s easier to save with a goal in mind than to ‘just’ save.
    It’s a bit more difficult to get freebies in Lagos and the cheapest date will still set you back a few thousands but I admit there is a lot of frivolous spending I have to cut down.


    • Hey there, thank you for reading this article! No matter where you are you can take advantage of the resources around you to save on a date, you simply have to be creative!

  • Good tips! I always try to save but I always feel like things come up that I can’t control and it’s sometimes frustrating 🙁

    • Hey, Ibiyemi! Thank you for reading this article! There are always things to spend on, there always will be. But working towards a goal and also putting a portion of your income aside before any spending, make it easier to achieve your financial goals! Be sure to check out the post: Build A Budget That Works For You http://www.investmentconversations.com/?p=1497 for more tips!

  • Hi Chinazom,
    I just want to say a big thank you to you!
    I stumbled upon your website yesterday through an instagram post and decided to check out the link. Between last night and this morning I have read through almost all the posts (the website is currently open both on my phone and laptop, like I just want to keep on reading). I am so grateful I randomly stumbled upon that post that led me here and I really wish I had discovered this website earlier. I have downloaded the MarchMoney challenge and I am going to start implementing right away even though this is April. I have learnt so much in less than 24 hours. You’ve simplified everything, no complex theories and all.
    You are a blessing and God will reward you abundantly.
    You are simply amazing!!

    • Hello Elle, thank you so much for reading the articles. I am so glad you find them helpful. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any money-questions you have. I am always happy to help out in anyway I can. Have a great weekend!

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