Investment Conversations is an online resource aimed at helping young adults to achieve their financial and career goals. It’s goal is to break down the complex issues surrounding career and demystify personal finance for millennials.

Young people learn that they have to make a lot of money to become successful. But they are usually not taught HOW. Investment Conversations aims to show millennials HOW they can be financially independent; by providing fun, and practical tips to break bad financial habits and accumulate wealth, no matter how much they earn.

It focuses not only on saving and budgeting, but on creating and maintaining wealth to increase ones net worth because WE CAN DO MORE THAN JUST SAVE MONEY; WE CAN BUILD WEALTH! 

Every young person needs support when it comes to career and money issues, whether you are in first year of university or have just got your first full-time job. So if you are a young person seeking to build and maintain wealth, and a great career, poke around the website and interact with all the free resources.

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