FounderMy name is Chinazom Chidolue. I created Investment Conversations because of my passion to educate young adults, much like myself, about the importance of becoming financially accountable.

After, graduating from university in 2015 and getting my first “big girl” job, I started thinking about creating a concrete saving and investment plan for retirement. I asked several young people for help and I quickly realized that a lot of young people are clueless when it comes to their finances and career paths. This apathy of youth towards their personal finances and careers, encouraged me to start Investment Conversations.

I decided to become the CFO of my personal economy and work towards my financial independence. I believe WE CAN DO MORE THAN JUST SAVE MONEY; WE CAN BUILD WEALTH! 

My journey to financial independence has not been easy so far. It has involved a lot of research and I have made some costly mistakes (and I will probably make many more down the line). Young people do not have to make the same mistakes I have made to gain a clearer view of their finances. I hope that sharing my experiences will teach people a thing or two about gaining control of their finances!

The goal of Investment Conversations is to demystify financial planning for youth. It will provide simple, understandable and practical financial tips and advice targeted at young people. Investment Conversations will also provide career advice and tips to university students and recent graduates.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) with Distinction in the summer of 2015. I recently joined a Big 4 firm in Toronto, Canada as an Auditor, and I am working towards my Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. 

Outside of accounting and finance, I love to volunteer. I am the Human Resources chair of the United Nations Association in Canada – Toronto (UNACTO). I also love to meet new people, read, travel, and watch TV shows. 

Here’s hoping you stick around to follow me on my journey to financial independence. I love hearing from my readers, so please leave comments or send me an email at