Get To It: Wake Up and Start Living

antAn ant symbolizes hard work, diligence, cooperation and industry”

As I sip on my caramel hot latte, my life feels like it’s in motion but I am not. It is mentally challenging to feel stuck in a state of mind where you question if your ideal self will ever be actualized. The good thing about feeling this way is that you know a mental breakthrough is around the corner; but this can only be reached with the right amount of mental inducement.

The real question is how to shift your perspective to focus on ways to improve your sense of fulfillment. That’s easy: get active; but that will prove futile if there are no goals to accomplish. The hard part is coming up with goals that will provide satisfaction.

Many people scavenge for the true meaning of life and live in a dreamland blinded by indecisiveness and fear of the unknown. Well, get ready to remain stuck for a long time if you don’t get practical and make up your mind to live an impactful life. So how can you achieve this?

  1. Merge your inner world with the external world you experience with everyone else:

This makes you get a clearer perspective of the world you live in and effective ways to create impact or leave your mark on the world.

  1. Get real with yourself:

Acknowledge the actions and inactions in your life. What have you accomplished?  Your reality should not be downplayed because it might become difficult to find meaning in the actions and inactions that make our lives. This in turn makes it hard to apply what we’ve experienced with those around us.

  1. Find practical ways to help others with your talent:

Offering quality services to others equip you with skills such as focus, and discipline and with this comes a sense of fulfillment. This service to others can be achieved not only through your job but also by volunteering or general acts of kindness to people you come in touch with everyday.

Having an active life provides one with a sense of security and confidence. So today: Make up your mind, get active, and start living your dream life with the only chance you’ve been given. 


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Twenty-three year old Justina Ikwu is an alumnus of the University of Ottawa, with a honors bachelor degree of health sciences and a minor in psychology. She is interested in the life situation of the average human, and focus on methods of self-empowerment of minds and ways to enhance personal fulfillment. Justina’s desire to be an active and selfless member of the society drove her to plan, coordinate and execute projects and social research in societal organizations such as of the Canadian Cancer Society, The University of Ottawa Women Resource Center, and the University of Ottawa Student Heart Foundation. Nigerian born Justina uses writing as a medium to explore the universe, the mind, and human behavior based on her observations.

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